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E.C.D.S specialise in all diesel engine rebuilding, repairs and maintenance. It is important to service diesel vehicles on time to avoid costly repairs from failures


Servicing, Including Log Book Service
Passenger vehicles - Light Commercial - Trucks and Machinery

If your vehicle requires an interval oil change and filter or requires a log book service E.C.D.S can perform these services in a timely manner with quality parts ( Genuine or Aftermarket) at reasonable costs.

If it is company fleet servicing you require please contact us for a maintenance plan to suit your requirements.


Diesel Fuel Systems
Injectors - Injector Pumps - EGR Systems

If you find your Diesel Vehicle has any of the following issues, your Diesel fuel and Emission systems could require some attention.

  • Starting issues

  • Poor idle - Stalling

  • Excessive exhaust smoke

  • Poor Performance

  • Engine does not reach full RPM

  • Increased fuel consumption

  • Rough engine performance

  • Surging and bucking under various throttle loads

  • Loss of power


Engine Rebuilds or Repair

If engine, cooling and fuel system maintenance is not carried out at the specified intervals they can become unreliable, you can start having issues like over heating which can cause blown gaskets, cracked cylinder heads, oil can become contaminated and at worst your engine can seize up. 

E.C.D.S specialise in major diesel engine overhauls at realistic prices.


Clutch Repairs

If you feel your vehicle starts off slowly but the engine is revving more than it should ( clutch slippage) you may need your clutch adjusted or replaced. E.C.D.S can perform these services to rectify the issue.


Brake Repairs

Does you vehicle have any of the following symptoms that may require the brakes to be inspected or replaced? 

Vibration or pulsating on the brake pedal or steering wheel along with any screeching, grinding, squealing, rubbing and other eardrum piercing noises or having to press the pedal further or harder for effective braking are common indicators that your brake pads & shoes require inspection.



E.C.D.S Supply genuine or aftermarket parts including Diesel fuel injectors, Injector pumps, Fuel filter kits, Pro vent catch cans and many other items. Feel free to contact us with any enquires you may have.


Diesel Fuel Pumps and Injectors

If you are in need of a replacement fuel pump or injectors fitted or just supplied E.C.D.S have you covered. 

Contact us for pricing.

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